"How we send our day is, of course, how we spend our lives."

Like your most favourite dog (her spirit animal), Olivia is loving, loyal, full of energy, and enjoys
being around people. A Nursing student at Mount Royal University, when she’s not teaching or
taking a class at The Sweat Lab, you can catch Olivia up at the front desk, hanging out with
friends and family, or checking out the newest gluten-free friendly restaurant in Calgary.
Olivia grew up as a competitive singer and dancer and loves all styles of dance, with a primary
passion for ballet. Two and a half years ago the dance chapter of her life came to a close and
her journey at The Sweat Lab began. I have been a TSL Sweat Rep ever since and have
grown new passions for other ways of sweating – especially barre.
“People will leave my class feeling proud, inspired and of course, feeling every muscle in their
body burn. I am here to empower people to find their inner strength, their true potential and to
accomplish something that they didn’t think they were capable of.”