Our killer instructors are the driving force behind every 50 minute TSL Spin class. They teach as their authentic self and our program properly trains the cardiovascular system in order to burn fat, but also to build strength through resistance training. As a unified group we climb, sprint jog, push, press and lift weights to the beat of the music.  Mix this with your lower body burn for both a physical and emotional ride!

  • Spin + Barre
  • A mindful combination of our heart-racing, cardio inducing spin classes mixed with our booty burning and sculpting barre classes, to get the most out of 65 minutes.

  • Spin + Circuit
  • Traditional training principles have never been so fun! Get your 38-40 minute cardio sweat before heading into a 20 minutes of strength training circuit for a full body pump.


  • Spin + Core
  • Spin + Warm Barre Fusion
  • Feel the heat! Get your favourite spin sweat then head over to the barre to keep those warm muscles lengthening, strengthening, and toning. A really efficient 65 minute full body challenge.




  • Spin + Yoga
  • Post-spin down dog never felt so good. Combining a heart pumping cardio ride, followed by hitting the mat for a full body strength & stretch, you’ll get the best of both worlds in 75 minutes. This challenge is not only great for the body, but so good for the mind and soul.


A 50 minute high energy class that combines pilates, yoga and ballet. This workout alternates between mindful muscle isolation movements and fat blasting cardio intervals, followed by stretch and elongation techniques. Designed to improve posture, flexibility, balance and cardiovascular endurance. No ballet shoes, jazz hands or dance experience necessary! Recommended to try out the basic TSL Barre first to get a feel of the basic barre movements.

  • Barre + Core
  • If your looking for a total body workout Barre + Core should be your next stop! This muscle sculpting, cardio training, core conditioning class will leave you feeling more accomplished than ever. Expect more abdominal and back work along with additional cardio sprints infused for a bit of a SWEAT.

  • Warm Barre Fusion
  • If you can take the heat, then belly up to the barre for a warm barre class! This 60 minute class will have your muscles warm in no time, stepping onto the mat for a barre free floor series, and then continue on to the barre flowing through a set of exercises to your favourite DJ mix!

  • Body & Soul (Barre Endurance)
  • This amazing full body challenge builds muscle endurance by mindfully working isolated muscle groups at a time. Mixed with upbeat cardio sprints and gut crushing core work, this 60 minute ride will be over in no time. *note advanced barre class. This class also allows for higher impact movement, please wear indoor runners.

  • TSL Barre | Build + Breathe
  • Pulling from the foundation of Pilates and Barre, Build and Breathe focuses 35 minutes on intense toning and sculpting for your core and glutes.  Ending in rest, you will find a deep connection to breathe through a 10 minute meditation practice.  A class you won’t want to miss as we dig into building both your physical and mental strength.


  • TSL Core | Pilates
  • During this 45min Mat Pilates style class, you will work through a series of exercises to strengthen the core muscles of the pelvis, abdomen, and back. Breathe will guide the movement. Noticeable improvement will be felt in balance, trunk strength and flexibility over time.

  • TSL Power | Barre
  • Round out your cross-training routine and accelerate your training goals with this strength-packed 50 minutes. With a mindful focus on lower body and core, we work in intervals with heavier resistance to target power areas required for any sports, other classes, and everyday life. This is the class you never knew you needed.


Complement your Spin, Barre, and Yoga practice with weight training. It is essential for maintaining a healthy weight and increasing bone density as we get older. Circuit classes are a vital part of our cross training program. We offer 40 minute and 50 minute total body, lower body, upper body + core and HIIT circuits, that vary each class so you’ll never get bored and will always find a challenge.


Yoga is, by dictionary definition, breath control, simple meditation, and the adoption of specific bodily postures, widely practiced for health and relaxation. Although yoga isn’t considered aerobic exercise, it can still make you sweat. Research has found many benefits of a regular yoga practise including: increased flexibility, increased muscle strength and tone, improved respiration, higher energy level and vitality, improved athletic performance, and protection from injury.

  • Lab Yin
  • Ancient Taoist philosophy turned a little urban…the qualities of Yin are dark, calm, passive & deep. Coming back to yoga foundation & using postures held for longer periods of time (3-5 delicious minutes) to allow for a deep opening in the connective tissues, this 60-75 minute class is the perfect bedtime snack.

  • Lab Flow Yoga
  • This 50 minute Warm Yoga class will tone your body and allow you to gain flexibility while opening your heart to all the possibilities that lie within you. This class is suitable for all levels and will leave you feeling rinsed and renewed with a new sense of clarity and purpose.

  • Yang Yin
  • Yang Yin is a combination of TSL’s staple Lab Flow and Yin yoga class. This 50 minute Yang Yin class will combine yoga flow foundation movements and postures before going into those deep Yin poses that we all love holding for longer periods of time and then finishing in savasana.