"Mistakes are proof you are trying & no one said it was going to be easy."

With a successful hockey career under his belt, for Matt the transition into the fitness world felt natural. “Coming from being a professional hockey player, fitness has been a part of my life since I was young. Obviously as I got older and my career got more

competitive to stay among the elite, there was a lot of cross-training and weightlifting in the summer that hasn’t left, even after my playing days.“ No stranger to hard work, Matt brings this drive and sense of athleticism to all his classes, wanting you “leaving feeling accomplished and proud of what [you] did in class. I like to ride the entire class on the bike with others. I don’t get off the bike because I want to go through it with them.” When opening The Sweat Lab, never did he think he would become a full blown instructor, but Matt has really come to enjoy the teaching aspect and that rush he gets before he teaches, “reminds me of that feeling before a hockey game.”


When not at The Lab (which is rare), Matt is usually spending time with his beautiful family or kicking back with a Diet Coke. If you look closely, he has two different colored eyes – you can check those out in the spin room almost everyday of the week, or in the Circuit room from time to time.