"if you quit, nobody else will care, but you will always know"

Full-time student, part-time sweat maven, and ex-internationally competitive Irish dancer, Alex brings an undeniable energy to The Sweat Lab. She has grown up always moving, “my family is very active and I have therefore grown up exploring many different forms of fitness.  Whether it was dancing, playing lacrosse, hiking and biking in the mountains, or even just running. However I got into fitness classes as a cross training method for Irish dance.” 

Eventually, it was a dance career-ending foot injury that brought Alex to The Sweat Lab, “Being forced to give up dance left me feeling like I was missing a huge part of my identity.  After a good year of recovery, I started going to barre and spin classes at The Sweat Lab.  It didn’t take long before I fell in love with the amazing feeling of sweating again in such a fun atmosphere!  The music in spin and the choreography in barre reminds me of the best parts of dance and continues to challenge me.”

Expect a killer sweat  and so much more from Alex’s classes – “We don’t always feel like we want to work out but I want to make you glad you made the effort to come, and leave re-energized, with a clear mind and more positive outlook for the rest of the day.”