"Some people don't know when to quit, and that's why they quit."

Ted is the type of person who would organize and order the tickets for a group to a sports game
and successfully and respectfully get the WAVE to go around the stadium 5 times and crush a
beer on the jumbotron during commercial break. Like, who doesn’t want to spin with that kind of
Team sports have been a constant in Ted’s life, starting with hockey and then he picked up
baseball at then tender age of 4. He found a passion for baseball where he pursued a high
school program and continued to play baseball for Acadia University. “Family is what got me into
sport, and family is also what got me into group fitness.” Expect a high energy ride, with a
playlist demonstrating a vast range of artists from Billy Idol to Da Baby, Fleetwood Mac to the
Chain Smokers. Each playlist is designed to flow a central message, taking riders through the
lyrics in every song.
“I’ll bring the energy, you bring the effort. I’ll be excited if you leave the studio with
a sweat, smile and empty water bottle.”