spin / barre


Her spirit animal is a Flamingo – vibrant, social, and well balanced, “I am used to standing on one leg throughout my dance career into my barre classes. They symbolize fun and relaxation which are two qualities I value and always try to make time for. They also live in tropical places, which are my favourite!” Tasha comes to us from an extensive background in competitive dancing, has visited over 20 countries dancing on cruise ships, and was also Snow White and Sleeping Beauty at Tokyo Disneyland.


Her main goal while instructing at TSL? “I want people to feel something in my class. In every exercise or track we do I want clients to feel like they are getting something out of it – I need them to feel the burn in Barre and the breathlessness in Spin. I also want them to leave feeling better than when they walked in. Whether they are there to feel stronger, release stress, clear their mind or take 60 mins to themselves; I need them to feel a sense of gratitude and accomplishment that they came to do what they needed to do when they walk out the door.”