"Excelsior: Ever Upward"

Sofija is a born mover. “As a kid I took part in nearly every school sport and eventually found my love for dance in high school. I completed my Bachelor’s in Contemporary Dance at Simon Fraser University while being mentored by world renown dance artists. From there I experimented with dance professionally while really trying to listen to my body and figure out what it needed to maintain technique and build strength. This goal lead me to discovering and practicing Barre work for years in various studios around Vancouver and now ultimately teaching Barre in Calgary.”

You’ll definitely feel good energy in her classes as this “positive, ride-or-die type of human” loves to make people laugh in creative ways. “I want people to leave my class feeling the buzz in their heart as well as their bodies. I want them to be singing the music long after they’ve left the studio. I want to take people away from the routine of their lives and infuse their day with strength, confidence… and laughter.” 

You’d never know it, but Sofija has had a short pixie haircut for a large portion of her life and every colour of hair – “Silver, pink, blonde, red, blue-you name it, I’ve had the colour.” She also absolutely enjoys watching countless episodes of FRIENDS for the 46th time with a massive bowl of popcorn, but who doesn’t?