"Life does not happen to us, it happens from us."

Its rare that you will find Liz without a bright smile on her face. Which is pretty amazing as she
spends her days prepping and teaching little humans (kindergarten!).
Liz grew up in a very active family where she ski raced, participated in track events, and many
team sports and outdoor activities. This naturally translated to the gym in high school and
university. By the time she moved back to Calgary she had a love for fitness and was thrilled to
be back in the mountains. This love for fitness eventually translated to creating her own work
out programs and training multiple times per week, eventually leading her to The Sweat Lab.
Music is one of Liz’s passions. In fact, she used to sing classical, opera, and musical theatre
and her first solo performance was at age 13 in Carnegie Hall performing for the Memorial Day
concert. Liz has an eclectic taste in music styles with a love of alternative, house and tropical
beats, country, as well as old school hiphop, and of course some of the 90s classics that I grew
up with. “Teaching spin is all three of my passions — music, fitness, and teaching, colliding into
one giant passion! So something that I will always bring to the Lab is great music (if I might say
so myself), challenging classes, and most importantly a smile!”