This free spirit is a yogi through and through. Don’t just take our word for it, you’ll feel it from the moment you’re in her presence. In addition to being a beloved Yoga instructor at TSL, Juliana, whose spirit animal is a mother grizzly bear, is indeed a mother to a beautiful daughter as well as a published writer.


With over 700 hours of Yoga training, your are undoubtedly in great hands anytime you come to Juliana’s class, and her main goal in guiding practice is for “people to recognize their infinite value, to let go to self criticism and doubt and replace it with courage and compassion. I wish for my students to honour their bodies need for healing, opening and rejuvenation as they grow in their fitness journey.” Help her, help you – Juliana says  seeing her “students grow in yoga class or in training is pure validation that facing [her] own challenges with courage pays off.”