This badass high school teacher and coach once high-fived Kobe Bryant and didn’t wash her
right hand for a week, and who wouldn’t, right?! Dayna started her movement journey figure
skating before she could even walk and skated competitively for 12 years. She then, started
playing high level basketball in Ontario. Since all good things must come to an end, Dayna was
itching to find something that gave her the same adrenaline rush alongside a team. Enter spin.
“I completely fell in-love with this sweat pouring, high intensity, kick-your-ass kind of cardio
workout, and have been hooked ever since.”
Dayna prides herself in creating a safe space for connection and vulnerability in her classes. “I
want people to leave my class feeling that they are connected to something that is much bigger
than them. I will very rarely let you ride without communicating with me somehow. So I will call
you out. I want to get my riders to a place where they feel comfortable enough being themselves
in that room, all flawed and imperfect so they can begin accepting the things they can and
cannot change and become better or stronger because of it.”